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Mark your Digital Presence with Our PPC Advertising!

Tahr SEO, one of the best and reliable PPC Advertising Agency provide affordable services ensuring maximum ROI for your business. Our Google Adword and Bing Ads PPC experts manage your PPC ads. We use technology relating from SaaS to B2B Services. Our thought-provoking content, optimized landing pages, and branding techniques act as a backbone to your brand and services.

Strategic PPC Campaigns that we involve in reaching the right audience:

  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Google Shopping Advertising
  • Remarketing Campaign

Some of the Top Channels that we work with:

Google Adwords

Getting into the PPC world, everything starts with Google AdWords. It features a huge advertising network with millions of 3rd party websites. Irrespective of the type of niche, Google Adwords suits any campaign leading to success. We work with this most used search engine to get you maximum exposure from your campaign.

Bing Ads

Another best alternative of Google Adwords is Bing Ads, which help you get the appropriate target keywords. Bing Ads, being the second largest network after Google helps out with effective PPC campaigns. Bing Ads is a popular search engine for PPC campaigns enabling lots of clicks for ultimate high leads and conversion rates.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, we can focus more on the target individual's interests and likes increasing the reach of the network. Also, it has recently included the most interesting platform Instagram into their network, allowing us to advertise on it using the same PPC network. We help your promoted ads easily merge in the news feeds of the users. The advantage of using Facebook Ads and Instagram is that these are hard to block options.

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn has proved as a huge network for sharing business ideas and B2B marketing. We help you popularize your business on Linkedin with keyword targeted articles and case studies. This approach leads to a successful LinkedIn campaign which gains success in a slow pace but takes your business high once placed its footstep.

What makes us Unique?

Strategy Planning:

We first understand the needs of your business and services. We also work upon the strategies that you use and analyze what works and what doesn't. After in-depth research, we plan an apt strategy sitting along with you to achieve business goals. To put in effective display advertising campaigns, we visit and observe the various sites that are frequently visited by your target audience.

Strategy Implementation:

To keep it going, we have our professionals who involve in every aspect of the campaign like bid management, creating content for copies, keyword analysis for your business. We use proficient software tools to identify the target keywords that bring you a large number of leads. Our content writers create copies that have a catchy title and comprehensible descriptions with effective keywords that compels users to visit your page.

Remarketing & Retargeting:

Remarketing Campaign brings back the users who have already visited your page but not completed the conversion process. The experts from our team execute a well-built campaign to ensure that your ads reach the interested audience. We plan up a strategy as per your needs, get approval from your side and then execute the campaign increase leads and conversions. A well built remarketing campaign that reaches the prospects after a long time of their visit will definitely bring them back to your product/service.


PPC campaigns are persistently monitored and frequently made changes to ensure that they are welcoming increased ROI at an affordable cost. We alter the bids, update the target keywords, testing ad copy, A/B testing of landing pages and ensuring for optimized mobile device performance. We also use lead scoring metrics to know the ongoing results and keep making necessary alterations to keep the campaigns working in an effective manner.

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