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Tahr SEO is a digital marketing company, that join hands with manifold clients across the country and help them witness a positive presence of the business path. With highly skilled experts, Tahr SEO always employs proven strategies to visualize long term growth of a business in varied industries.

We diligently work in a group to monitor digital marketing campaigns and track them with analytics, CRM platforms, and marketing automation. This approach let us make immediate changes in the campaign strategy based on the analysis.

Services we provide:

SEO Service

Considering online marketing, SEO is indispensable in making your website/ business reach search engines like Google. Nowadays, People go by the products/services that top the Google page. Our expert SEO team use Organic SEO techniques make a visible presence in the industry. Our team goes by the methodology of researching your business and the target audience. Secondly, we use effective SEO strategies by incorporating the targeting keywords to reach your target audience.


Website Design & Development

Leave it to us; we develop your website presenting your business in a detailed way. With efficient web designers in Tahr SEO, we design a User-Friendly UI hosting adaptive front end user interfaces for easy navigation. We make sure the customers feel comfortable and interesting in using your website. Our customized website design offer you to meet your business needs. Also, our static website design ensure turning your audience into loyal customers.


PPC Advertising

Making your ads appear on the top pages of the Search Engine like Google isn't a simple process that can be achieved by just spending money. Instead, ads depend on Ad Auction that Google follows determining the relevance of advertisements. We are here to make data-driven decisions, optimize your campaigns and increase the site experience and ultimately turn visits into sales.


Facebook Advertising

As we are aware, Facebook is proving to be one of the pre-eminent social media sites with over 2 billion active users. It has users of all ages spending several hours of a day in this platform. Keeping this in mind, we at Tahr Seo focus at targeting the apt audience who show interest in your business. We later create ads that resound with their interest. We work on various combinations of ads to test upon the results. Finally, we end up in a cost-effective method of advertising that comes up with your business style.


Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is a best B2B networking tool which converts high-quality prospects to potential customers. We deploy the strategies that let you connect with these prospects in a quick way. With LinkedIn marketing, our digital marketing services help leverage your paid social media campaigns to generate targeted leads and conversions.


Display Advertising

Ads that are visually impressive and compelling will drag the attention of the audience. Our team is well-versed in designing visual ads that make the audience to have a look and click on it. We help your businesses attain brand recognition and thus increased sales through effective display advertising campaigns.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is no doubt, one of the best internet marketing strategy as everyone has and uses an email address. Our email marketing specialists plan a strategy to create your email list. We decide the frequency for sending emails in order to progress leads down the marketing path. Our team maintains an active email list removing inactive users. We also prepare and send monthly reports to monitor email marketing performance.


Website Optimization

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Organic Search Engine Optimization are the booming channels that help increase traffic to any website. We, from Tahr SEO, focus on these channels to offer best as well as cost-effective website optimization services.


Web Hosting

Once you do domain registration for your website, you need to host it on a server. Tahr SEO offers premier quality Web Hosting Services, to display your site online. Our web hosting services are available at affordable prices and ensure 99% server uptime.


Content Writing

Content is King; when it comes to Digital marketing. The content specialists from our digital advertising agency assure a organic content lodged with SEO keywords.


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